About me

I’m a developer, designer and consultant, always available for freelance and contracted work. I have experience with WordPress and other CMS systems, HTML/CSS and other front-end languages. I love working with brand and marketing materials to help make your success as painless as possible.

If you’re local to me, I offer in-home tech consultation, repair, and other services as well. Don’t hesitate to contact!

How Can I Help You?

I love transforming ideas into reality, as cliché as that may seem. I can work with you to build a custom website, branding package, promotional materials and marketing materials for you or your business.

I also offer in-home tech setup, repair, maintenance, and consultation. I’ll help you with your: phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, network, home theatre, and more.

What Can I Do?

I made my first website from scratch when I was 13. Admittedly, it was terrible. Thankfully, I’ve gotten better as I continue the relentless pursuit of website nirvana. Here’s the highlights of what I’d love to help you with:

  • HTML/CSS & Front-End User Experience
  • CMS & Backend Systems Development
  • Website Hosting Solutions
  • Social Media Promotions
  • Advertisements & Marketing (Video, Print, Photo)
  • Branding & Design Standards

What do People Think of my Work?

My search for a web designer began and ended with my queries to my oldest son and some of his friends. Sam’s name came up over and over again! As is my habit of hiring enthusiastic young people to encourage them to develop their skills, I didn’t hesitate to hire Sam and the results are stunning! Sam is an excellent listener with technical chops aplenty. Sam converted my vision to a reality and he accomplished this in a most professional manner. Sam’s easy going nature and good humour made the process fun and informative and his tutoring has enabled me to manage my content with ease.

Ken HavingaOwnerKenneth Havinga, Furniture Maker

I enjoyed the professional, efficient and speedy service I received during the creation of my website.  Sam was able to quickly make my somewhat vague ideas into technical reality!  I now have a site I can confidently make minor changes and updates to by myself with the knowledge that I have Sam as a backup/major fix as required.  It’s not often that I find “technology interactions” as pleasant as this whole experience was!  Thank you!

Heather MacKenzie-CareyOwnerPixie Dust Healing