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Process. So, how does this all go down? Well, it’s pretty easy. Contact me and we’ll do some chatting back and forth to establish just what you need, when, and where. The day will come, and I’ll take some photos, which will be a great time! After the big day, it’ll take me a few days to organize and edit all of the photos. Once that’s done, I’ll provide you with a download link for the raw photos from our session. Depending on the type of shoot and price, you may get to pick a few to be fully edited. If you have any questions about the whole process, please, reach out to me.

Pricing. Frankly, every shoot is different! Therefore, pricing differs based on your needs, location, time, and so much more. I make sure pricing is more than competitive. That being said, I can give you ball-park pricing figures for things like a basic portrait session or wedding. I favor “all-in” pricing, so that you don’t have to worry about any additional charges for dumb little things like correspondence. I’m a fair guy!

334 Woodstock Road
Mahone Bay, NS, Canada

(902) 275 8447

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